Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am a lucky chick, because I have the security of living in my insular Chassidic community but the promise of escape to Manhattan. This is my sanity. I have the community here in the Heights- the kosher restaurants, the Shabbos families, my fellow brainwashed friends. But then once in a while... the escape. I run off to shop, to dilly dally, to various fun seeking places. Living in Brooklyn but running off to Manhattan is my personal Jesus Christ. I do love you Brooklyn- we can make each other laugh, enjoy each other's company, share the experience. But then we get bored, don't we? Our relationship gets dry and predictable. We start resenting each other for the situation we put ourselves in. We wanted this, didn't we? To live together-to make a home. So why do I need to leave you? I will go to Manhattan, my little guilty pleasure. But I promise, I will always come home to you.


  1. Adultery! Evil, evil, evil....

  2. What does this have to do with JC?

  3. personal savior?
    what amuses me is that in seminary, my personal, um, "JC" was Machon Alte/Rosenfeld. without being able to visit you folks down there, i wouldnt have survived in the rarefied atmosphere of the Kiryah.